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Freezing Spinach

June 7, 2010

I was freezing spinach last night.  This week I noticed something while out watering my backyard garden…

Darn my Spinach is already bolting!

(bolting = producing seed stalks, the plant stops producing leaves when it starts to bolt…. at least that is what I read.)

We have had some warm days here.  I was not thinking and planted my spinach in a very sunny location.  I’d have been smarter to plant where it was in the afternoon shade.

Oh well no loss.  I harvested it all out.  I read that if you cut the spinach off about an inch or so above the ground, sometimes it will shock the plant and it will stop bolting and produce more leaves.  I hope it works.

I saved some spinach  in the fridge for green smoothies or salads  now.  And could be found in my kitchen last night freezing spinach for next winter.  Won’t it be fun to have green smoothies with spinach from the garden in December.

freezing spinach

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