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Spring Yard

April 17, 2010

My yard is sprouting and blooming.  I love it.

Our beautiful Forsythia.  Last year it bloomed like this and that very night it froze.  All the blooms browned and died.  It looked terrible until the green leaves came on.  I hope it doesn’t get cold and freeze this year.

I planted this oregano last year.  I was eagerly awaiting to see if it would come back…. and it did.

And here is my mint. There was no doubt about this one coming back.  It is 4 years old I think and you can’t kill mint if you want to… but I don’t.  I brushed away some of last years dead leaves to get a better picture… it smelled wonderful.  Too bad I can’t put smells in the computer, you’ll have to use your imagination.

And our Rhubarb is going gangbusters!

The early crops of my vegetable garden is sprouting too.  Lettuce, spinach, beets and peas.  I’ll post pictures tomorrow.


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