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Summer Fun for Kids

May 26, 2009

What do you get when you combine

  • boys
  • critters
  • fish tank, or a large jar
  • or a horse tank?

Summer time fun.

An old fish tank just may be the best Salvation army buy you might ever make.  Get one with a screened lid. Kids will be entertained for hours.  They can watch all kinds of critters.  Frogs, lizards, grasshoppers, tadpoles, baby chicks, baby bunnies.  The list could go on.

The last 2 summers my boys went down to the pond and ‘caught’ tadpoles brought them up and put them in the tank to watch them grow and develop.  Lots of fun!  I wish I could find a picture.

Here are brief descriptions of the pictures below.

  • When the frogs got big enough we transferred them to what we call the horse trough. This horse trough  gets lots of use. It has also housed lizards (obviously when it was dry) gold fish, and sunnies caught from the pond. Actually makes a decent swimming pool too.
  • The spider actually was in a jar and not the fish tank.  It was so big my youngest was imitating it’s teeth!
  • Here is a HUGE bull frog the boys brought home.  It was in our indoor tank.  It is VERY unusual for this one to hold wild critters.  It just happened to be empty when this big bull frog made it to our house.  The gold fish had just been moved outside to the horse trough.  The boys figured they’d like a change of scenery.
  • The boys have a smaller fish tank that stays outside and this is where the wild things go.
  • This outside tank is  well used. It has also housed crawdads.  The boys and their dad are ‘crawdadin’
  • It also makes for great GI-Joe sea adventures and underwater explorations!
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  1. May 26, 2009 8:29 pm

    Very cute! I have two little ones and they would love this….

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