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Menu plan Monday and a flexible schedule

February 23, 2009

I can’t believe it’s already time for  Menu-plan monday.  Remember last week I said that the plan may just fly out the window?   Lets’ see what flew… Elk Minestrone didn’t happen cause we had a church activity that ran late, The spaghetti didn’t happen either (can’t remember why) and I had a request from my husband for Malt o Meal on a pancake morning… no problem.  The things that flew  last week will just get added to this week.

It was wonderful not having to think about meals all week.  I’d just go look at my list!  I think I’m liking this.

Again as part of my  menus you will often see wild meat and home canned foodstuff.  If you have any questions about how to prepare any of this ask away!  I’d love to share.  I’m going to start posting recipes and such as I get time.


I’ll plan breakfasts and suppers only.
Lunches will be whatever leftovers we have or sandwiches etc.
We often have canned applesauce or peaches as a snack in the evenings.

  • Monday=
    breakfast – Sour Dough pancakes, bacon
    supper -Tilapia, Pioneer Macroni and cheese,  Corn
  • Tuesday=
    breakfast – Eggs your way, bacon, toast
    supper – Spaggetti with elk, salad
  • Wednesday=
    breakfast – French Toast, ham
    supper – fried chicken,   baked potato, carrots
  • Thursday=
    breakfast – Fried potatoes, Egg scramble w cheese
    supper – Elk tenderloins, potato wedges, beets
  • Friday=
    breakfast – Breakfast casserole
    supper – Crock pot elk minestrone
  • Saturday=
    breakfast – Homemade granola
    supper – homemade pizza
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  1. February 23, 2009 6:54 pm

    Great menu. I’ve never had sour dough pancakes. Sounds good!

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