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Menu Plan Monday : it’s a start!

February 16, 2009

Manage your home and give the enemy no opportunity for reproach.

1 Timothy 5:14

In my quest to be more organized and more in CONTROL of my life….  I find that planning is everything…. well at least planning with the full knowledge that the plan may just fly out the window.  Flexibility is vitally important too.

The above verse is referring to widows in particular…. but I think it speaks to most homemakers.  I have it on my weekly goals planner (which is on my forms page).   I have found that if I don’t manage my home my home will manage ME.

Managing. Websters defines managing as:  To conduct; to carry on; to direct the concerns of; as, to manage a farm; to manage the affairs of a family.

Feeding my family is a pretty full job in itself.  It is a HUGE part of the ‘affairs’ of my family.  Yet I have not really managed this area in an organized way.   So I choose from now on to make it my goal to manage our meals.  No more ” OH crumb it is almost supper, what am I gonna have?”

Though I wonder if anyone is truly interested in seeing my menus, in the interest of accountability, I am going to participate in Menu-plan mondays.

As part of my  menus you will often see wild meat and home canned foodstuff.  If you have any questions about how to prepare any of this ask away!  I’d love to share.

So here goes.


I’ll plan breakfasts and suppers only.
Lunches will be whatever leftovers we have or sandwiches etc.
We often have canned applesauce or peaches as a snack in the evenings.

  • Sunday=
    breakfast – Oatmeal with apples and cinnamon
    supper – Spaggetti with ground elk, home canned spaggetti sauce, salad
  • Monday=
    breakfast – Whole Wheat pancakes, bacon
    supper – Canned Venison Gravy, Rice, Corn
  • Tuesday=
    breakfast – Eggs your way, bacon, toast
    supper – Ham dinner, mashed potatoes, green beans
  • Wednesday=
    breakfast – French Toast, ham
    supper – Elk burgers, home made buns
  • Thursday=
    breakfast – Fried potatoes, Egg scramble w cheese
    supper – Potato Soup with whole wheat rolls
  • Friday=
    breakfast – Breakfast casserole
    supper – Crock pot elk minestrone
  • Saturday=
    breakfast – Homemade granola
    supper – homemade pizza, (probably with leftover ham as one topping)
2 Comments leave one →
  1. February 17, 2009 9:47 am

    OH, I grew up in Oregon. How I miss the taste of elk!

    Thanks for the comment on my illegal books. I am blessed to have two copies of The Little Lost Angel, one from my childhood in a collection of four stories (The Three Bears and Goldilocks, The Little Red Firetruck, and story about a squirrel) and a stand-alone copy. It was one of my favorite stories as a child!

    Please do make a posting with your favorite illegal books. Let me know when you do, I’d love to take a look!

  2. February 18, 2009 9:02 pm

    Everything sounds so good, especially the potato soup and the ham dinner. And your breakfast plans sound delicious!

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