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Cheering for the Underdog

January 23, 2009

Cheering for the Underdog –   This is what Christian love looks like.  Love IS a verb you know. 


High school football is big in America.

But I suppose there is no place where it is bigger than in Texas. Friday nights there are legend.

However, there is a football team in Texas that is a little different. When they play on Friday night, their stands are pretty much empty, no band, no cheerleaders, no mass of parents or townsfolk wearing the school colors and waving banners and flags. They take the field without anyone cheering them on. When they get a first down, there is no deafening surge from the stands. When they score a touchdown, which rarely happens, there is no wild celebration behind them…only the individual shouts of satisfaction that come from the 14 players and their coach and the 20 or so people that are sitting on their side of the field. All of it seems hollow and muffled in contrast to the tidal wave of roars and drums and chants that come from the opposing side.

Go read this.  It will inspire you… or it should.

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